Lego Ninjago: Kai vs Zane (Zukin)

  • Diupload pada 6 Okt 2018

    Kai vs Zane. Master of Fire vs Master of Ice. Who will win? You decide.

    Lego Ninjago Battles Season 2 Playlist:

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    I would love to, first of all, thank you all for watching my Tournament 3-parter. I would’ve never thought one of my videos would gain over 10 MILLION views! Wow! Thank you so much for watching. It means the world to me. So I’m very excited to finally get another Ninjago Battle out! Kai vs Zane took quite a lot of time and hard work to get done and here it is now. I am very proud of what this video has become and I really hope you guys love it as much as I do. For Cole vs Jay, that probably won’t come for another while since my videos nowadays do take a LONG time to produce, so you’ll have to bear with me for the next battle. I’m just glad to have another video out honestly lol. Make sure to comment who you want to win, Kai or Zane! Thanks for the patience and hope to see you again very soon!

    Important Note: Please DON'T SPAM "Kai" and/or "Zane". I don't wanna deal with spam when the day comes to count up the votes. One comment please :) Thxs

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